Welcome PCA Members

We are honored to be chosen as your auctioneer for online and live auctions. The awarded contract number is: PCA 3-221-19 Auction Services for Public Entities.

Auctions International Inc. can handle every auction type from your normal, reverse, real estate, tax, tax lien, reserve, and so much more. We even have a new site that is for items that need to have a fixed price. A “Buy It Now” option.

How do I start working with you?

The first step is to reach out to us by calling 800-536-1401 and letting us know you want to setup an account.

Once that is done we provide you with a UserName and Password to login. Then you start posting your items. It’s that easy!

We have certain options that we can help you with such as starting the items all at once, proofing the items for accuracy, defining terms and conditions all at no cost to you!

We are too busy to post these items!

Do not worry! We have options for you that will remove you from doing the work starting at $5.00 a lot. Vehicles, Heavy Machinery and such will cost more due to the amount of pictures and detailed documentation required to make your sale successful.

What about shipping and delivery?

We will work with you on your terms and conditions. This will create the baseline if they have to pick it up within a number of days. We also have professionally insured shipping companies they can work with to expedite the process.

What if we need to get a minimum price?

We offer you a chance to reject the final bid and counteroffer to the highest bidder to see if they will accept it or not. If the highest bidder chooses not to accept it we offer your price to the second highest bidder. Worst case scenario we post the item again. We retain bidding histories on all out items so they have the opportunity to know where to start bidding at.

Large ticket items?

We handle everything from old computer up to multi-million dollar machines. We use several marketing tactics in our everyday auctions but with high ticket items we go the extra mile. We target market the audiences that know these high value items and let them know it’s about to go up for auction. Additionally, we offer third party financing for these items which eases the buying price and helps remove the large dollar fear of needing that much cash on auction day.

What about live or streaming auctions?

Yes! We do any combination you need. Every event is different and we will work with you for all your auction and surplus needs.

How is this “Free” to us?

It’s quite simple actually. We charge a buyers premium for all our action services. The premium gets paid by the buyer at the time we collect your funds. This way you get the full purchase price and we cover our costs.


Feel free to contact us at 1-800-536-1401. If you need to speak directly about the contract dial x303.

Visit our Auctions International Inc. Website.

The site is HERE and past sales are HERE.

We look forward to seeing your listings soon.